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Credit Cards Directory

One of the easiest methods of ‘buy now pay later’, widely available from banks or other companies is that of credit cards. Without having to take out a set amount at the offset, credit cards offer the immediate ability to purchase goods and services when you may not have the full funds immediately available to you. As the cards are accepted in virtually all business, over the internet, over the telephone they are recognized as probably the most versatile and effective payment method.

It is because of this versatility that credit cards are highly popular within the UK. Finance companies have recognized this and the market has become flooded with these products. You can now choose from hundreds of credit cards, be they from different corporations, with different designs or features. The card holder can actually choose from their favorite design which may have such themes as animals or travel graphics upon the card. Because of the wide variance in your little plastic friend, collectors have even sprung up, looking to find the rarest types they can.

Some of the current credit cards offers on the market are:

Cahoot Credit Cards – Features an annual reward system, a choice of different card designs, and are able to transfer another credit card or store card balance over.

Marbles Credit cards – features special offers via the internet through their range of online partners. The cardholder enjoys protection over the internet with their ‘Safe Shopping Promise’ and internet delivery insurance for added peace of mind.

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This category covers them all buildings & contents, mortgage protection, life, car, travel or even pet. Compare quotes online.

Credit Cards  
With lots of companies offering interest free on balance transfer it makes great sense and it's so easy to apply online.

With so many banks now online have you got the most convenient bank and highest rate of interest. Find out who's offering what at the click of a button.