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"Debt advice information on financial problems and companies online who can help."

Debt Advice

There are many debt management companies now offering a wide range of debt advice.  Ultimately you will pay for using them, this is normally paid by way of a monthly fee which is included in your overall debt management plan.  You can deal we debt your self and not pay a debt management company for help.

You can get free advice on how to manage your debt by visiting the citizens advice bureau or calling the national debt line.  If you are able to handle the paperwork yourself, negotiate and have the self discipline to pay your new monthly repayments on time to all the companies you owe money to, you will definitely save money.

If you think you will find doing all the above difficult then contact a few debt management companies for advice on what they can offer and how much they charge.  Ultimately you should be paying an acceptable monthly management fee to free you from dealing with the paperwork and administration.  Debt advice companies are businesses so shop around to find out who's offering the best deal.  Remember they want you as a customer.

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Credit Cards  
With lots of companies offering interest free on balance transfer it makes great sense and it's so easy to apply online.

With so many banks now online have you got the most convenient bank and highest rate of interest. Find out who's offering what at the click of a button.