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You are not alone, consumer debt is increasing.  There are a number of actions you can take to get back in control of your finances.

You can either tackle the debt yourself or use one of the ever increasing debt management companies that have now turned into a major industry over the last few years.

The basic principle is the same whether you deal with the debt yourself or use a debt management company.  The first thing you need to do is take stock of where you are now.  Work out how much you payout and how much you earn monthly.  Include all your normal living expenditure as well as your credit cards, store cards, loans, car finance and debt.

Once you have done this debt calculation you will be able to decide on a best course of action.  There are three popular ways in which to deal with your debt.

First, you could apply for a debt consolidation loan allowing you to borrow enough money to consolidate all your current debt into one loan.  This allows you to have only one monthly repayment to make, you could also benefit from a lower interest rate as larger loans attract lower rates. You can often take the loan over a much longer period making the monthly payments much smaller.  Be aware that this also means you could pay more interest.

Secondly, if consolidating is not an option you can contact all the people you are currently in debt with and ask for special terms.  To do this you can visit your loacal citizens advice bureau where you can obtain a pack that helps you accomplish this.

Thirdly, if writing to all those companies and negotiating with them sounds a little scary there are debt management companies who will carry out all this work for you.  These companies earn their income by charging you a fee for doing the work, which is normally paid monthly.  Once they have negotiated with all your creditors they will arrive at a monthly repayment figure which the will add an administration fee too.  You pay them an agreed monthly amount and from this they take this fee and pay all your creditors the agreed amounts.

Shop around debt management companies are businesses and their rates do vary.  Cheapest does not always mean best, ask for references or recommendations from happy clients who have used the companies service.

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