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Investments Directory

The entire scope of investments is huge and there are vast amount of financial products on the market which can make a return on your money. However whilst the amount of choice is quite beneficial this can be positively daunting to someone unfamiliar with the technical financial jargon / terminology, or someone who has never looked at investments before. However whilst the scope of personal investments is high, there are always going to be the standard products of the marketplace – those which the majority of the public can access, and will be beneficial.

Here are some of the standard investment programs outlined:

ISA – this is an individual savings account which investors can put money into without having to pay income or capital gains tax. By doing so you can receive significant savings on tax in this manner – especially if you belong to a higher tax band. The limit of money to put into an individual savings account is three thousand pounds.

Bonds – Government bonds are borrowings from the government which can be traded. They provide a fixed rate of return for investors. These traditional bonds pay out twice a year at the fixed percentage rate. These type of bonds have little or no risk.

Unit Trusts – this is a gathering of the finances put into it from a number of individuals, which then fall under the control of a professional investment manager. The Unit Trust fund manager will invest the money correctly in order to provide an optimal rate of return.

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This category covers them all buildings & contents, mortgage protection, life, car, travel or even pet. Compare quotes online.

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