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"Tenant loans detailed information and latest offers on low rates online."

Tenant Loans

There are a large number of lenders that now specialise in tenant loans.

If you are a council or private tenant you may have found it more difficult to apply for a loan online especially with a bad or poor credit history.

We have a list of companies who provide small payday loans right up to brokers who can offer loans for personal purchases.

Things to look for from a broker. 

If you do have a bad credit history you will find companies providing finance but they will often charge higher rates than the best or lowest advertised on the internet.

Some companies use premium rate telephone numbers that you must call when applying or speaking to the lender.  You could find yourself spending considerable amounts of money in telephone bills just to be told you have failed.

Charges or fees are another thing to look for, some brokers will charge you a fee to process your loan application regardless of if you fail or pass.

There are now a growing number of brokers who do neither of the above so it's well worth shopping around.


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Credit Cards  
With lots of companies offering interest free on balance transfer it makes great sense and it's so easy to apply online.

With so many banks now online have you got the most convenient bank and highest rate of interest. Find out who's offering what at the click of a button.