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Unsecured Loans

Can be used for personal purchases, normally for people wishing to borrow smaller amounts of less than £25000.

Lenders will often advertise unsecured loans as personal to watch out for both types.

Early settlement or redemption charges.  If you do intend to clear the loan before the end of the agreement look around for a lender who offers no penalties.  There are a few around but bare in mind you may pay a higher rate of interest.  The loan can still work out cheaper in total interest but only if you do settle the loan early.

Check out if the loan is fixed or variable, the vast majority are fixed so the monthly payment can not change with fluctuations in the market.

If you are looking for payment protection then you will want to ask how much they charge for cover.  Payment protection is an insurance and the rate charged could make one loan much cheaper then another.  Compare the actual monthly payment between loan companies for the amount you wish to borrow.

Special deals.  For those who want a little bit more there are a number of companies lending money such as British Gas or the RAC who offer free car membership etc.  So it's something extra even if the rate is the same as another lender.

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This category covers them all buildings & contents, mortgage protection, life, car, travel or even pet. Compare quotes online.

Credit Cards  
With lots of companies offering interest free on balance transfer it makes great sense and it's so easy to apply online.

With so many banks now online have you got the most convenient bank and highest rate of interest. Find out who's offering what at the click of a button.